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The Book 3 finale hurt me in more ways than one, but I have to say that the most emotionally hurtful thing the finale did was to have Korra fall into a state of depression as a result of what the Red Lotus did to her.

Even though she saved the world again, she felt like she didn’t do enough, or that what she did was good enough. She won the battle, but at a very steep cost physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The poison made her past foes - Amon, Unalaq, and Vaatu - come back to haunt her and taunt her, preying upon her insecurities and doubts. All of these insecurities and doubts can be summarized as saying this:

-No one needs you or wants you
-You’re weak and powerless
-You’re not important anymore
-There’s no reason for you to exist

Coupled with the harmful poison, her trying to resist the Avatar State’s instincts, and the beating her body took during the fight with Zaheer, she was worn down to a state where all those insecurities and doubts that normally stay toward the back of her mind come to the forefront of her mind. For 2 weeks, these doubts and insecurities about herself as both a person and the Avatar have plagued her mind, haunting her every waking hour and wearing her mental and emotional wellbeing more and more.

And…in that way, her state of depression reminds me of myself.

Sometimes I feel like I’m not important, that nobody wants me or needs me in their life, that I’m just this pathetic, sad excuse for a person who doesn’t have any reason to exist. That depression haunts me, some days more than others. It’s a incredibly hard struggle to fight off thoughts like those.

Korra has always been such an inspiration to me, a role-model of someone who, despite being confident in themselves, can doubt themselves heavily. Now, those very same doubts are even stronger in Korra’s mind, and she has to learn how to fight through her depression.

But I believe in Korra with everything I have. If she finds her way to a better place emotionally and mentally, especially after what she went through, then I know that I have a shot of doing the same.

maybe she's just old and can't travel freely like that all the time

That is true, but Zuko is just as old and he’s traveling pretty often.

Then again, Katara doesn’t have a dragon like Zuko does.

Come to think of it, I don’t think we’ve ever seen her out of the Southern Water Tribe.

I know people are saying Katara should have been there for Jinora’s ceremony as well as to heal Korra, but…

What if something happened to her that we don’t know about? Like something that would keep her from traveling.

I’m not saying she’s dead or anything. Maybe she’s sick. We don’t know for sure.

We know Katara will be in Book 4, so we’ll know why she was absent during Book 3. I just wish people would give it time to explain itself.


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I know people are miffed that Korra said that Zuko knew Aang better than anyone, but…

Maybe it was just a poor choice of words on her part

I don’t know…

This is the only thing I’ve seen people complain about Book 3 so far yet it’s making me feel upset and hurt…

Hey, i'm the anon from before. I just wanted to say thank you for your advice, and just 'listening'. It means a lot to me.

I’m glad that my advice was helpful to you. If you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here.